Are you a B2B Marketer, SME Business Owner, CEO, CMO, or COO who is struggling to ensure your customers don’t suffer as your organization grows rapidly?

Give me three months and your customer feedback,

and together, we will ensure your marketing, sales, and customer support departments are strategically aligned to help you weed out less-valuable customers and start the selling process by engaging best-fit clients directly.

You’ve been investing in marketing and sales activities for a while now…

… but no matter how much money you spend, you’re not getting results.

I believe you have landed on this page for a reason. 

If you think about it, it’s probably because you spend a considerable amount of time marketing and selling to unqualified leads who aren’t the right fit for your business…

…but you just can’t seem to connect with your customers on a level that helps you create buy-in.

That’s affecting your customer retention rates, brand image, and returns. 

There’s limitless wealth in personalizing your buyer’s journey.

You’ve probably seen other SMEs in your industry – people with a fraction of your quality – enticing and delighting high-value buyers almost effortlessly. 

They have implemented systems across the organization to help them tailor their communications, content, campaigns, and sales activities to the needs and wants of each buyer. 

And that’s allowing them to boost customer loyalty year after year.

That’s what creating a personalized account-based marketing experience can do for your business.

So why aren’t you attracting more ideal customers?

“I don’t know what
my customers want.”

Without helping your customers emotionally feel and rationally understand you can solve their specific problem, it’s incredibly hard to build a long-term relationship with them. 

When your business operations are disconnected from the realities of what’s going on outside in your customer’s world, you will fail to fulfill their needs and lose out to the competition.

You must be able to learn from your buyers since their desires are constantly evolving.

“I can’t communicate across
teams effectively.”

If your organization happens to be growing, you need to pay more attention to ensure you listen to customers and incorporate their experience across every department from product development to sales.

You also need to have the right strategies, processes, knowledge, and resources to ensure you are able to cope with your growing pains.  

If your business departments operate in silos, your customers will suffer. 

“I don’t know where
to start!”

The only way to ensure you orchestrate relevant and reliable sales actions throughout the B2B customer journey is to strategically gather and analyze data and insights. 

You may not necessarily know what questions to ask or where to look for problems. Trial and error will eat up time.

That’s where relying on experts with decades of advertising, customer psychology and business growth experience can be beneficial. 

The ABX Solution helps you provide an ecstatic customer experience in just 12 weeks.

START anytime!

The moment you start experiencing the ABX system, you will feel a big weight lifted off your shoulders.

That’s because, in just a few short months, you will have a surefire way to identify your ideal customers and start a dialogue
with them using search ads specifically aimed at where they are in the buying cycle.  

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an encyclopedia on your buyers while you engage them through multiple touchpoints?

I’ve combined three of my top expertise

Data-driven Strategy Planning
Building Marketing and Sales Ecosystems
Creating Customer Experiences

into a COMPREHENSIVE system that empowers YOU to attract ideal customers
by placing their experience at the center.

How is The ABX Solution Program different
from other programs?

Most marketing experts – even those with million-dollar ad budgets – usually only focus on integrating the customer experience into your marketing activities.

For example, they may help you identify where your product or service is lacking, but can’t help you align all the different departments in your organization, from operations to customer service, to internally identify where the disconnect is.

Working in silos makes it harder to act on your customer feedback. Improving the value you offer that way is like taking 2 steps forward and 1 step backward. 

On the ABX Solution Program, you’re getting everything. 

As in, a tried-and-tested system that helps you consolidate data from your customers and business departments to bridge issues within your existing internal ecosystem and start a dialogue with ideal customers as one aligned business and brand. 

There is no need to hire more consultants or employees to help you with operations, logistics, and sales – I’m giving you over 25 years of experience working in business growth, search engine marketing, and paid advertising to gear your business toward your customers at a core DNA level.  

I’ve separated The ABX Solution Program into 3 stages to help your progress:

SamanthaBedford - INFOGRAPHIC ROUND 01

Stage 1: Listen

The first stage focuses on consolidating feedback from your customers and data from all your business departments to ascertain the gaps.

1.  Conduct a gap analysis to understand your current situation based on your products/services, solutions, teams, organization structure, dark social media reviews, and senior executives.

2. Attain internal/external validation to understand what problems your team faces and what questions your ideal customers ask.

3. Analyze your AD system to identify the first search ad customer touchpoint.

Stage 2: Learn

The second stage focuses on integrating your end customer’s experience.

1. Identify your long and short-term goals, measuring metrics, and how to use them to inform your future marketing activities.

2. Combine all the insights gained from listening to your customers to identify your target audience and determine what messaging to use.

3. Devise your data-collection strategy to analyze every single action people take on your website.

Stage 3: Empower

 The last stage empowers you to co-create across your organization with the customer experience in mind.

1. Determine if you need to adopt a new mindset based on your customer feedback and analysis.

2. Implement practices to ensure your customers are always top of mind, such as meetings and cross-channel communication boards.

3. Create a 13-month plan to design deliverables and outcomes by each quarter.

And here’s one more reason:

Once my methodology is implemented in your organization, you won’t need me again. 

We will install my tailored, scalable and sustainable ecosystem within your organization so that when you implement that ecosystem,
it will become your business model going forward. 

You will learn exactly how to use that structure over and over again to move away from reacting to the market and start responding
to the market so you can evolve marketing and sales campaigns based on customer experience!

You won’t even have to do all the heavy lifting yourself.

If you’re not sure how to listen and learn from your customers and communicate their feedback across all your business departments
(or the prospect of all that work seems daunting), We will be there to support every single pillar of your organization to focus on your ideal customers.
That makes bridging the gap between what you think your customers want and what they actually want much easier. 

This is how I will be working with you:  

One-on-one Consulting – My one-on-one consulting program is built on a system that leverages three critical aspects of integrating the buyer experience.
I have tested this system across various organizations of all sizes in different countries and industries.

Initially, I will connect with you on an onboarding call to understand your goals, vision, and current reality. That will allow me to determine
how we can best use the program to suit your needs. From there on, I will be connecting on online coaching calls each week
so I can guide and support you on your journey to becoming financially secure. 

You will have the opportunity to ask any questions about your marketing campaigns, sales activities, and growth on our coaching calls
so I can help you overcome any obstacles immediately. 

Bottom line – I will apply all the knowledge and resources at my disposal to help you attract more ideal customers and become the go-to business in your industry. 

That means you will have everything you need to understand and reach your customers in a whole new way… without spending years trying to figure that out.

How is The ABX Solution Program structured?

Every week, we will help you move an inch closer to reaching your ideal customers, and executing marketing activities based on a timeline.

We will help you determine which platforms, channels, and tools make the most sense to create an ecstatic customer experience!

Module 1:
Gap analysis

This first module will focus on high-level data gathering to understand the current situation across your whole organization.

On the macro level, we will look at the senior positions in your company. Then on the micro level, we will look at the people on the floor doing the work.

Module 2: Internal/External Validation

The second module will help you compare your end goal to the current situation of your business.

We will explore public opinion for external validation by focusing on review sites and survey feedback. 

We will also interview your sales/support people to see where the drop-offs are.

Module 3:
The AD System

In the third module, we will focus on your advertising spend by each medium. That will start with an examination of your current output, i.e. the results in leads and sales.  

We will then look at how you collect customer feedback and what you do with it.

That will allow us to determine what your customer wants and account for seasonal traits.

Module 4:
The Goal

This fourth module focuses on segmenting your long-term and short-term goals in regard to finances, branding, market share, keywords, search ranking, etc. 

This process will allow you to gauge how close or far you are from reaching your goal in each of those business areas.

Module 5:
The Audience

This module helps you dive deep into who you want to target. We will start with audience segmentation before moving on to audience and competitor messaging strategies.  

Once we’re clear on what problem you solve, we can design your creative content from posts, ads, and website visuals to the tone, voice, and language in your written copy.

Module 6:
The Analysis

The sixth module focuses on analyzing the tools you are using and the sources you draw information from. That will allow us to determine how accurate the date you have is. 

We will analyze your website and customer behavior on your website in relation to heatmaps and drop-offs.

You will learn how to build a solid foundation of tracking in terms of software and keywords. We will also show you how to design a quakeproof testing strategy.

Module 7:
The Approach

This module helps you get clear on your approaches toward ads, cross-channel communication, ad spending, and timelines. 

We will address the nitty-gritty detail in your ad strategy, such as which platform suits you best. 

We will help you devise a strategy to make the customer follow your chosen path in the buyer journey and tell a story without repetition. 

You will learn how to optimize your budget to get results and how to create a timeline for your goals.

Module 8:
Mindset Adoption

This eighth module will help you determine who does what in terms of PPC, SEO, LinkedIn, and social media. You will move away from the silo approach and create communication groups in your organization. 

We will also put best practices in place to make sure cross-channel communication is implemented and followed at all times.

Module 9: The Strategy

The last module helps you focus on your deliverables and outcomes by each quarter.

We will create a 13-month plan with outcomes and deliverables so you can stay on track.

We will show you how to define success based on key markers. That will set you up to focus on growth.

You will have access to ALL the resources, tools, and coaching calls for 12 months, including:

Online Resources

My entire arsenal of online software and digital tools will be at your disposal to help you scale your business in a timely and effortless manner. You don’t need to look for anything yourself.

Frameworks and Structures

I have handcrafted proven frameworks to give you and your teams the structure they need for incorporating the customer experience across the board. 

Coaching Session Recordings

All of our coaching calls will be recorded and made available to you after each session so you can come back to them and extract what you need at your convenience.

Extras (I won’t tell you yet)

Once you set out on this journey, We will give you a few boosters along the way to keep you going. You will learn more about these when the time is right.

“But is The ABX Solution Program the best investment for me, Samantha?”

This Program is a hands-on and intensive journey that will challenge your existing practices, mindset, and operations.
You must be sure it’s right for you before proceeding:

The ABX Solution Program is DEFINITELY for you IF:

But it’s not the right thing for you IF:

You’ve been disconnected from your end customers and business departments for far too long.

Let’s grow your business by putting your customers first.

Right now, you are faced with an important decision. 

You can keep letting other B2B marketers, business owners, CMOs, and COOs – people who bring a lot less to the table – outshine you. 
Or you can decide to take this opportunity to integrate your customer experience across every department in your organization and improve your bottom line. 

The choice is yours

Don’t pass up on this opportunity to execute the precise marketing and sales campaigns needed to pull in quality customers.
Click the button below to choose your ABX Solution Program enrollment package now:

“YES, Samantha! I’m ready to transform all my business departments with the end customer in mind - It’s time to take my organization to the next level!”

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