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If You’re a CEO/Business Owner…

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If You’re a CMO…

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There’s a better way

to listen and learn from your customers to integrate their experience across every department in your company and attract more ideal clients

Scaling your organiZation to incorporate

more people makes communication across all the different departments from product development to sales more complicated… which ultimately results in each department operating in a silo.

But there’s a new approach

to building your understanding of how you can reach customers and make them feel you can solve their specific problem.


I will facilitate the switch to help every single pillar of your organization, from your production to customer support teams, focus on the end experience for your ideal customers.


between what we think our customers want and what they actually want since the customer’s needs, behaviours and desires are always evolving. – Samantha Bedford, Digital Expert  

This Is What I Do

The Account-Based Experience (ABX) Solution program is a go-to-market strategy that uses data and insights to orchestrate relevant, trusted marketing and sales actions throughout the B2B customer journey. In the first phase, I rely on thousands of hours of my experience working with advertising agencies, clients and in the field of customer psychology to help you to understand your current situation in detail.

We start by conducting a gap analysis across your whole company to understand your current situation based on your products, solutions, departments, teams, senior executives, dark social media reviews and feedback. Then we look at internal/external validation to ensure you have a full understanding of not just the internal information in terms of what questions your team faces within your organization but external information such as what questions your customers ask as well. Next, we look at the AD system with the feedback gathered from the internal/external validation. We will identify exactly what the first touchpoint looks like for your customer in terms of the search ad you put up online, the display banner, wording etc.

The second phase focuses on helping you learn about the end customer’s experience. To start with, you need to determine your long and short-term goals, understand how to measure them and how they can inform your future marketing strategies. We will then put everything you’ve learned from the first listening phase together to identify your target audience and determine what messaging to use. 

Next, we will figure out how to collect the right information to analyze every single action people take on your website from what they click, where their user experience is slower while navigating the website architecture and what specific paths customers or viewers follow on your website. Finally, we look at the approach to get clear on how to reach the audience, which platforms, channels and tools make the most sense, and your budget for ad strategies and marketing activities based on a timeline.

The last phase focuses on empowering you to co-create across your organization with the customer experience in mind. The first step is to determine if you need to adopt a new mindset based on all the listening and learning. You need to customize to the customer and move away from what the company thinks.

The mindset adoption needs to be based on consistent improvements. Then you need to implement those practices. That involves activities such as setting up meetings and ensuring you have cross-channel communication. Have an entire company meeting that determines how you’re all doing towards that one common goal. Make sure you’re doing that consistently not just a one-off exercise you do with me.

We then create a 13-month plan to design deliverables and outcomes by each quarter. Once my ABX solution framework has been implemented you can use it as part of your internal ecosystem to rinse and repeat. You don’t need to call me back for ongoing consultation. It’s a framework for the future, not a patch or a quick fix.

This is What My Clients Say About Me

They have a clear understanding of our business needs and goals and are excellent communicators . I LOVE that Sam explains things in terms I can understand. She truly takes the time to touch base with our team above and beyond weekly status reports.

Lin Patten,
Marketing / Stylist – Garbarini

Within two months, a positive movement on overall sales volume. Provision of a clear vision of ACOS/PPC/SEO performances and improvement. A clearer understanding of performance metrics and the ability to fine-tune to achieve required results.

Iain McFarlane,
Managing Director, Kylesmuir Associates Ltd & LLC

For over four years, they have provided us straightforward trusted guidance. They possess a range of skills that have helped us evolve from nothing into an industry-leading Marketing program—complete with effective ABM campaigns.

Greg Matranga,
VP of Global Marketing, InfinityQS

This Is How I Can Help You Align Every Customer Touchpoint with Data-driven Precision

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One-on-One Consulting

My one-on-one consulting service is ideal for SME business owners, CEOs, COOs, CMOs and leadership teams who recognize the need to start customer dialogues based on where their customers are at in the buying cycle. I will give you a tried-and-tested system to listen and learn from your end customers so you can provide them with an ecstatic customer experience that can be implemented in any organization as a framework. After the initial onboarding call, I will host a coaching call each week to help you understand and measure how people engage, experience and carry out actions on your website over our 13-month journey together. My team will be available to answer your questions at all times so you can scale your business and attract more ideal clients ASAP.

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